Proses Elektronik Ltd
Innovative Designs for Model Railroaders,
Slot Car Hobbyists and Modellers
All our designs are copyrighted worldwide.

Snap & Glue! Magnetic Clamps for Kit Building (All Scales)
The easiest way to hold your kits in right angles.
Application Video

VT-001 Track Voltage Tester for N, TT, HO, OO
CT-001 Easy Track Cleaner
Adjustable Loco Service Bench
Service your loco simply and easy with this new loco cradle. Will support your loco at 45, 90 degrees or completely upside down.
Unique rubber beds keep the loco held in the bench without damage.
Ballast Spreaders for N, HO, OO and O Scales
The easy and perfect way to lay ballast. 
Application Video

Parallel and Flexible Track Tools for N, HO, OO Scales
It's not easy to lay tracks in perfect parallel geometry
and hold the flexible tracks temporarly without these smart tools.
Application Video

Hold & Glue! Right Angle Holder for Kit Buildings (All Scales)
Application Video

Pre-Cut Cork Beds
Easy to apply pre-cut cork beds
for Hornby, Peco, Branchline and UK geomerty tracks.
Application video for cork beds and ballast spreader.
Video Part 2, Video Part 3

Buffer Stops w/Light HO, OO, O, G Scales
Laser-Cut Bilboard Kits HO, OO Scales
Wireless and wired buffer stops w/light
fo N, HO, OO, O and G scales.
4 billboards in a kit.
Add vintage realism to your layout.
Buffer Stops (Authentic Wood, Laser-cut)
Scale Conversion Rulers for N, HO, OO (Metric & Imp.)
 Authentic wood laser-cut buffer stops.
Converts inches to scale feet or cm to scale meters. 
Signal Bridge Kit (Laser-cut HO and OO Scales)
Rooms with Illuminated TV Sets (HO and OO Scales)
Easy to build lase-cut kit.
12 LEDs included.
Add life to you buildings with this illuminated TV sceens.
Laser-Cut Doors, Windows for Scratchbuilders
Laser-Cut Letters for All Scales
Double Engine Loco Shed (HO and OO Scales)
Afyon Historical Ottoman Station (HO and OO Scales)
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Cable Drums Kit (HO and OO Scales)
Cottages HO Kit (HO and OO Scales)
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Movie Posters w/Stands (HO, OO)
Car Shed (HO, OO)
6 boards and 36 French movie posters to choose from.
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Tyre Trues & Cleaner for 1:32 Slot Cars
True and clean your tyres easly.
Application video.

Start/Finish, Advertisement Bridge Kit
Race Tower Kit
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Nostalgic Billboards Kit
Race Marshal's Stand Kit
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
Laser-cut cardboard kit.
NEW! 1:32 Lighting Kits & Illuminated Buildings for Slot Car Layouts

Worldwide Dealers/Shops

UK and Ireland: Ontracks (dist.)
Spain: IBB Auto Racing (Slot Cars) (dist)
US: Roman & Company
Spain and Portugal: Brit-Line (Trains) (dist.)
Netherlands: Burgt Eurotrein
Italy: ACME
Australia: McCann's Model World
Germany: Bachmann
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